Telecom infrastructure databases

Our telecom infrastructure databases were developed around a unique and proprietary set of analytical methodologies and procedures to produce a comprehensive dataset primarily for service providers.

  • Understand deployment of network equipment 
  • Understand network switching deployment profiles 
  • Understand potential retail transport connectivity clients in any U.S. market

Key data sets

  • Over 910,000 CLEC served buildings identified with the name of each CLEC at each building
  • Over 550,000 fiber lit buildings identified with the name of each Lit Service Provider and the capacity of each piece of fiber enabled network equipment at each building
  • Over 281,000 cellular locations (towers, buildings), with 343,000 pieces of network equipment at each cell site, and the name of each carrier that placed the equipment
  • Over 21,500 telecom switch locations (ILEC, CLEC and Wireless) in the U.S. with the identity of each service provider, and the NPA-NXX-Xs, associated with each switch at each building
  • Building flags for central offices, commercial office buildings, cell sites, MTSOs, carrier hotels and more
  • All buildings are geocoded with latitude and longitude for accurate spatial analysis
  • All buildings have a unique building ID, providing the ability to link our infrastructure database with our business telecom database

How our clients use infrastructure database insights

  • Define their POP and central office co-location strategies
  • Identify potential retail transport connectivity clients
  • Identify commercial buildings with high potential connectivity demand
  • Identify competitor coverage gaps
  • Size opportunities by pairing infrastructure insights with our business telecom database

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