MarketView is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that incorporates boundary products, business and residential telecom databases, and network overlays into one powerful SaaS product. The software equips strategic decision-makers with the business details they need to facilitate prospecting and network planning activities. MarketView is hosted on Opensignal's secure 24/7 cloud computing service.


Why MarketView?

  • Powerful – A mapping application that is affordable, fast, and extremely accurate
  • Simple – Analyze data visually with an easy to use address search, route generator, and cost calculator
  • Flexible – Customizable on a client-by-client basis
  • Robust – Map overlays can display over 200+ fields of information per point
  • Valuable - Supports network design, lead qualification, and pricing efforts

Key features

  • MarketView spatial analysis tool
  • Build cost calculator with support for multiple zones and tiers
  • Proprietary upload capability
  • Ability to import spatial files containing existing or planned network assets
  • Export into Excel for analytics
  • Licensing available per-seat or enterprise-wide
  • Ability to load any licensed GeoResults data sets at no additional cost
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How our clients use MarketView

  • Identify new sources of growth e.g. green-field opportunities, underserved areas
  • Visualize areas of competitive intensity 
  • Perform near-net analysis
  • Select and export prospect lists for targeted sales & marketing campaigns
  • Calculate build costs to specific locations
  • Generate sales quotes for prospects

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