Telecom boundaries

Our telecom boundary data products are manually created and maintained by GeoResults mapping and telecom professionals using rigorous spatial methodologies, and extensive research, along with an ongoing customer feedback process to ensure that our boundaries are current and accurate.

Our platform processes over 400 million records of data from multiple sources, performing a series of spatial, telecom routing, and competitive service provider evaluations. This allows our team to develop and deliver boundary files at the highest level of accuracy. 


Key boundaries available

Wire center boundaries

    • Telecom Central Office (CO) locations

Cable MSO boundaries

    • Cable MSO overbuilders

Rate centers

    • Rate center points

LATA boundaries

NPA boundaries

NPA-NXX-X table along with associated provider name for each number block

Wireless MTA boundaries

Wireless BTA boundaries

Wireless CMA boundaries

Teams that utilize telecom boundaries

  • Network engineering
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory 
  • Trade groups

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