Residential telecom database

The GeoResults national residential database is the most comprehensive, telecom-focused, residential list available in the U.S. The database includes 129 million residential households across all 50 states with USPS standardized addresses, and provides the tools to identify, locate and rank your best prospects.

Residential data

High-value residential households

Identify potential targets for new customer acquisition or existing customer upsell/cross-sell opportunities. Find the best households to improve your overall maximum ROI potential using:

    • Voice carrier identification
    • Near-net distance identification 
    • Telecom spend 
    • Prospect densities
    • Service propensities

Residential SFDU/MFDU building insight

Multi-family dwelling unit (MFDU) buildings represent a high ROI market segment because of the customer concentrations within the building.

Our residential database leverages a rigorous address cleansing process, and a spatial geocoding process, to identify all unique MFDU locations and give each building a unique and persistent building ID.

  • Inform territory expansion strategies by determining the potential value of any given building
  • Target prospects and customers at the building level based on:
    • Wire center, rate center, zip code or custom boundaries
    • Aggregate telecom demand
    • Competitive intensity
Residential data
Residentail data

Custom filters

By providing a targeted list of incremental records from other sources, we can identify and suppress all unwanted residential records from this incremental file to lower your costs and make your data more actionable.

Our data engineering process can also suppress the following:

  • Existing customers
  • Multiple households at a unique address
  • Custom criteria based on a client's footprint or demographic attributes

Enterprise-wide data license

By providing our residential telecom database file under a single Enterprise-wide license, our clients can load copies of this file into multiple internal systems at no additional charge.

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