Business telecom database

The GeoResults national business database contains approximately 28 million unique primary marketable business records that reside in 17.6 million unique building locations. Each business record contains a total of 248 data fields—including our complete telecom append layout—that can be used to support various business functions:

  • Strategic business market planning
  • Competitive analytics
  • Network planning
  • Regulatory planning
  • Customer segmentation
  • Other sales/marketing activities including targeting in the telecom services, managed services, and IT services industries.


Business data

More Comprehensive Lists of Businesses

We combine business data from multiple data analytics companies to create the most comprehensive list of unique marketable businesses available in the U.S. market. Our solutions allow you to drill down into specific data layers to discover information that wouldn’t be available to your company otherwise.

Unique Competitive Data Fields

We provide the identity of the current voice service provider, the current broadband service provider, and the current managed services provider (cloud services, web hosting services, and email hosting services) across a national business database based on the demographics and firmographics in the business record.

Your business can implement highly targeted customer acquisition messaging by knowing who their current voice and broadband customers are, and aiming at a specific competitor for improved customer acquisition performance.


Business data
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Unique Telecom Spatial Information

We are the recognized industry leader in telecom spatial intelligence.

  • The FCC utilized our wire center boundaries for the Connect America Cost Model as part of the Connect America Phase II initiative. 
  • CTAM has selected the GeoResults National Cable MSO boundaries for use in their B2B Serviceability tool.
  • Our unique telecom spatial data allows for more focused customer acquisition targeting and messaging.

Unique Telecom Spend and Circuit Profile Information

Our unique telecom spend, circuit and bandwidth information will allow your business to better segment and target business prospects for specific services or bundled service offerings.

These telecom data fields will be appended to all unique primary marketable business records for a uniform view of telecom related information across the entire business and telecom database deliverable.


Business data
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Unique and Persistent Building ID

Our databases leverage a rigorous business address cleansing process along with a spatial geocoding process to identify all unique commercial locations and give each unique location a unique and persistent Building ID.

This allows our clients to roll up the total businesses, total employees, total bandwidth, total spend, and more, within a single multi-tenant building location.


Custom Filters

By selecting a targeted set of incremental records from other sources, we can identify and suppress all unwanted business records from this incremental business record file to lower its cost and make it more actionable.

Our data engineering process can also suppress the following:

  • All non-marketable business records
  • All secondary marketable business records
  • All home-based business records
  • All sole proprietorship business records
  • Custom selection criteria based on a client's footprint or related attributes
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Enterprise-wide Data License

By providing our national business and telecom database file under a single Enterprise-wide license, our clients can load copies of this file into multiple internal systems at no additional charge.

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