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Use GeoResults to help achieve sustainable, profitable business growth with an end-to-end solution from network planning to sales enablement.

  • 20+ years serving the telecom industry
  • 100+ clients served 


Telecom intelligence

Telecom intelligence for telecom leaders

Identify high-value areas of opportunity, and view prospects on a map with data from our extensive U.S. business and residential databases.

  • Over 28 million unique primary marketable business records that reside in 17.6 million unique building locations
  • 129 million residential households across all 50 states with USPS standardized addresses
  • Get tailored data sets for your exact needs, delivered in actionable formats from flat files to Excel and custom shape files.

Spatial data for smarter decisions

Understand your competitors and develop growth plans that play to your strengths.

  • U.S. business and residential databases infused with telecom information
    • Voice and broadband carrier identification
    • Spend metrics 
    • Geographic data including LATA, rate center, serving ILEC, and Cable MSO
  • Telecom boundaries
  • National infrastructure databases of network equipment and its location
Geospatial data
Time savings

Time savings for every team

Act quickly on opportunities with integrated tools that make it easy to segment prospects, calculate build costs, and send quotes to leads.

  • MarketView mapping application with 99.9% uptime
  • Import telecom boundary files, fiber routes, and outside plant
  • Flexible data layers to support custom sales campaigns
  • Customizable build cost calculator for near-net opportunities

Testimonials: Why GeoResults?

Strategic Decision Making

"I’ve been utilizing GeoResults data for over ten years as a development tool for B2B telecom growth. GeoResults is the gold standard for targeting the best business locations for our fiber expansion planning."

- Director of Growth Strategy, fiber provider


“The GeoResults team was quite willing to customize and was able to create all of the layers we needed which made it very user friendly. Results happen very quickly when we work with GeoResults.”

- Partner, large telco


"We were geocoding addresses for internal reporting needs, but the accuracy of GeoResults' geocoding allowed us to remove that step from our data process. This saved us a significant amount of time and enabled us to deliver reports more quickly.”

- Marketing Manager, large telco

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